About sessions

Robin McKean - Every :Bit Counts 
Every :Bit Counts as we interactively  work HANDS  ON with the #cserlendinglibrary of physical digital resources, a guided design technology process and an AR showcase of student created  prototypes reflecting curriculum related and empathetic digital solutions for a Sustainable Planet.

Michelle Ellis / Adam Brickhill - Cyber Challenges, Ethical Hacking and Capturing the Flag (CTF)
This presentation takes you through some basic Cyber Security ethical hacking activities in a gaming environment. CTF’s are cyber challenges undertaken by industry to maintain their skills to defend possible cyber-attacks. Saburra has been developed as an educational cyber security tool for teaching people about methods used for password cracking, steganography, bad web design, reverse engineering, and Phishing. This is a fun interactive session highlighting ethical hacking techniques which can be taken back to schools  (PS - no real world tools are shared!) Bring your own device.

Michelle Pestel - Purposeful ICT Projects K-7
Objectives: In this workshop, I will lead you to;

Rashmi Watson- Achieving professional STEM goals
The session will look at how we can achieve our STEM goals in the busyness of teaching, planning and learning and how digital technologies may assist teachers in managing time best to do the things that matter and to do them well.

Fiona Mayne -Digital tools for the classroom - New Google Sites, Micro:bit, SeeSaw, Makey Makey and bots
Fiona Mayne and her EDUC5521 students present digital tools for the classroom - New Google Sites, Micro:bit, SeeSaw, Makey Makey and bots.

Geoff Kaye/Ian Wilson -Ready Player One - A Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI in the Classroom
A workshop designed to get you on top of Artificial Intelligence. Bringing an understanding of AI to young students may seem daunting at first.  This hands-on workshop is designed to show how you can easily introduce AI to your students with examples of integrating STEM activities into your lessons.

Zina Cordery - Immersive Learning with Google Expeditions
You have probably heard of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the media, online or you might have even tried this technology. Now you can use this VR and AR in your classroom to take your students on virtual field trips or get up close to statues from ancient times.
Virtual Reality provides an opportunity for educators to immerse their students in their learning like never before. Augmented Reality allows students to see 3D objects and manipulate them to discover how things work through collaborative engagement.
During this session, you will be introduced to the free app, Google Expeditions, which is available on all platforms for Mobile devices. You will learn how the app works, discover what Expeditions are available, and will learn how to practically implement this into your classroom with existing technology that your school has. 

Michelle Ellis /Sam Allen - Cyber Security 101 - securing information
This presentation will highlight some basic cyber security tips and tricks for securing your information. We will explore securing the movement of and access to data in a networked environment. Activities include password cracking, the use of password managers/ VPN’s, deletion and encryption of data and other immediate issues surrounding Information Security. It is a hands on educational workshop for teachers and therefore, this can be passed onto students - why we need to change and strengthen our passwords for starters! Bring your own device!

Shaloni Naik - STEM: Approaches to assessment design
In the workshop Shaloni will showcase a variety of different STEM projects that can be implemented across Primary and Secondary. She will look at different approaches to designing assessments including using a challenge based learning framework as well as the backward design process. Participants will gain an understanding of how to design a STEM Matrix which can be used for reporting and assessment as well as how to modify it to suit a variety of projects.

Kane Pittard-Enabling students to build digital solutions
In this workshop Kane will showcase the different opportunities that Digital learning tools provide into all learning areas such as Machine Learning, AR and 3D modelling.  The workshop is designed to introduce you to the practical tools of using code and other digital tools with practical examples using coding as an opportunity for students to be build authentic problems.  You will have practical examples you can take away and use straight away.  For this session to work with the examples you will need. A MacBook with Xcode 10.2 and MacOS X 10.14.x installed or newer.

 Linda Gillham- Do Your Bit with a BBC Micro: Bit
You will play, create and code the BBC Micro: Bit, a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology to produce digital solutions and products.